Your USA Dollar Saves 40% on CD Duplication

Your USA Dollar Saves 40% on CD Duplication

It’s the magic of currency exchange! Canada’s dollar is much lower than the USA dollar. See current exchange. Your USA Dollar buys more CD Duplication Toronto, but we get paid our regular price. Good deal on CD Duplication for you, good deal for us. 

Even better there is NO TAXES

You are buying with your AMEX, MasterCard or VISA CD Duplication Canada. The purchase is in Canada. Normally there would be a border duty to discourage buy from another country. But the FREE TRADE ACT means Your USA Dollar Saves 40% on CD Duplication. There is no border duty on CD replication Toronto Canada.

So Save 40% Pay no taxes or border duty
Here’s some prices for cd pressing, Digipak

Your quality of CD Duplication Toronto is backed up and guaranteed by your bank’s credit card. So VISA, MasterCard
would refund you money if the product is not amazing quality.



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1,000 Pressed DVD Amaray Slipsheet $1,045

1,000 Pressed DVD Amaray Slipsheet $1,045

DVD Duplication with free DVD design, no DVD label, this a real DVD Pressed with dvd packaging by digital print. This is Retail Ready DVD with a Amaray DVD cases,  DVD printing Slipsheet

This are no local or state taxes.
These cds are made in Canada. This is no duty
due to “Free Trade Act” Job guaranteed by your credit card company (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX


call (888) 679-1207

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