Price Downloadable Music Cards $0.23

Price Downloadable Music Cards $0.23

custom download cards are made by We are a sales agency. For over 20 years we have been duplicating retail ready CDs. Custom music download cards are with a full colour picture of your CD cover. These digital download card have a unique number listed on the back of the digital download cards. So other music fans that get the digital music download cards can not down your music for free. Only the download music cards you sell to your fan can access only what you want to control. Because they are made in Canada there is no local or state taxes. It is as if you were in Toronto, Canada. Next big deal is the USA American dollar is about 20 % higher than the Canadian dollar ( as of Feb 2015) So your USA dollar gets more for free. AND NO TAX. These download music cards are printed on paper. We have plastic cards.

Paper Sub Total Cost Per Shipping Total No Tax
100 $94.38 $0.94 $20.00 $114.38 No Tax
200 $120.46 $0.60 $20.00 $140.46 No Tax
500 $153.08 $0.31 $20.00 $173.08 No Tax
1000 $233.08 $0.23 $20.00 $253.08 No Tax

Sell your music online with a new idea that’s like I-tunes but better. Your own record label with music downloads on a custom gift card. This is like a gift card. The code on the back grants the holder of this card to “downLoad” a song by you. Unlike “I-Tunes”, you collect the money. You are the digital music distribution. There is no middleman. The price, the songs and the design of this “gift card” are your decisions. A music download site web site keeps your music, mp3 music downloads, secure until you sell one of these cards to a fan


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